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Yarra Plenty Book Groups

Book Groups

A lifetime of reading awaits you!

Travel the world, investigate a crime, fall in love… Join others in the joy of reading and find yourself in a friendly, interesting discussion about books and life. With a wide selection of titles to choose from you can lose yourself in a different world each month.

Yarra Plenty Regional Library Book Groups

Yarra Plenty Regional Library has been supporting Book Groups for over 20 years.

We currently have over 50 registered Book Groups who use the resources of Yarra Plenty Regional Library.

How it works?

Library Facilitated Book Groups

Book Group Members meet on a monthly basis in one of our eight library branches and the groups are facilitated by YPRL. The meeting times are set by the branch Library.

Independent Book Groups

Interested individuals form a Book Group and meet regularly on a monthly basis in a variety of places. Each branch has a dedicated YPRL Book Group staff member who helps with selection and supply of titles to these Independent Book Groups.


You can be involved with Book Groups in two ways.

1. Register your interest in being part of a Library Facilitated Book Group at your local branch or by emailing Please indicate which branch would be best suited to your needs.

2. Start your own Book Group. All you need is a group of friends and a passion for reading. Register your interest in starting your own group by emailing Please indicate which branch would be best suited to your needs.

Bedside Reads

Yarra Plenty Regional Library are hosting regular informal bookchats where readers can bring along what they are reading at the moment and share their passion for reading with others. The Bedside Reads are hosted by a guest reader talking about what they are reading. Guest readers could include authors, illustrators, lecturers, local celebrities and bookshops. Please register an interest in Bedside Reads by emailing Please indicate which branch you would like to attend a Bedside Reads event.


We currently have a wide selection of titles to choose from that are kept as Book Group Kits. Kits hold 12 copies of the same title. Registered Book Groups can nominate which titles they would like to read during a year and collect the kits from their nominated local library branch.

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