Monday, September 29, 2008

Author of the month - October 2008

Glenice Whitting and Wendy J Dunn

Meet Glenice and Wendy at the Eltham Library on Thursday 30 October, 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Glenice and Wendy will be discussing the journey of writing and publishing.

Glenice Whitting

'Pickle to pie'
Rejected at birth by his mother and raised by his Grossmutter and
Grossvater, Frederick Fritschenburg, a second generation Australian of
German descent, is dying in hospital. At eighty years of age Frederick
recalls a life torn by two world wars and the Great Depression-a life of
uncertainty and anguish, of disappointment, human fragilities and estranged
relationships, where nothing seems as real as the special childhood bond
that existed between him and his Grossmutter.
Pickle to Pie is a beautifully wrought and hearfelt exploration of family
and cultural ties Liam Davison: Author of Soundings and The White Woman.

Wendy J. Dunn
Wendy J. Dunn is an Australian writer and teacher (at Eltham North Primary) obsessed with Tudor History. Thanks to her research on Katherine of Aragon, the subject of her new, yet to be published novel, she now has a new passion: medieval Castile. The author of the award-winning novel Dear Heart, How Like You This?, Wendy is currently working on several Tudor projects while studying for her Masters in Creative Writing.

'Dear heart, how do you like this?'
A woman who sees her destiny as England's Quen.
A King who destroys what he no longer wants.
A poet's love that will never be forgotten.
May, 1536. The poet Thomas Wyatt, released from imprisonment in the Tower of London, is in his father's custody. From almost the beginning of his life, Tom has loved his cousin Anne Boleyn, content to sit at her feet while she sang her love songs to another, if doing so gave him just a moment in her company. Now he is heartsick and despairing, having witnessed her juridical murder by Henry VIII. Only wanting to escape from the recent memories now rending his heart, Tom recounts his story, a story which narrates too the tragic tale of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII.

For more information about Wendy check out her website:

Books will be for sale on the night.


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